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Please Read These Before Posting
1. You must be a member to post in this community.
2. Please vote, you don't have to be stamped to vote on other applications.
3. Please put all applications behind an lj-cut.
4. If you really don't agree with a stamp, you are allowed up to two re-stamps per theme.
5. To make sure you've read these rules, on the main app please put the words "cutie mark" somewhere in your subject line.
6. You must fill out The Main Application and be stamped before applying for any of the themes.
7. You are only allowed to have one app out for voting at a time.
8. Contact a mod if you have any questions or concerns. We're here for you!
9. You may screen or unscreen comments to your application at any time. BUT- they must ALL be screened or unscreened, no picking and choosing ;D. (Updated rule on 5/29/11)
10.. Have fun!

Voting Rules
1. No insulting comments or rudeness of any kind against one another. We're all friends here.
2. Please BOLD your final vote.
3. An app will generally be stamped after it gets 6-10 votes, but what we're really trying to get is at least 4 majority votes. (Edited 6/13/11)
4. Please choose only one option when voting. (Edited 10/15/11)

On Linking To Votes
1. In every application you apply for, you will be requested to link to 3 other applicants that you have voted on. This is to help keep the community going, we run on votes!
2. "Recycling" votes that you have made every time is unacceptable. Please link to 3 new votes every time.
3. You can vote on any unstamped application you want, themes don't matter.
4. We kindly request that you click on the !needsvotes tag to find all the unstamped applications. Some of the older ones might be buried!
5. That being said, please try to vote on the oldest applications first whenever possible.
6. For more information and clarifications, you can visit this post. We thank you for your compliance! :D

Last Edited 10/15/11

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Themes are always open, you can apply any time! There is a new theme each month.

June: Secondary Characters Theme
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