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25 July 2012 @ 12:47 pm
Hey everybody! I have no idea if this is even allowed, but I posted for my main stamp back in May, got 3 Twilight votes, and it died totally. So I figured I'd just go ahead with the Twilight vote and then go ahead and post this and also link the comm in a few places and see if we could resuscitate it!

So TL;DR: Haven't been officially stamped as Twilight but I'm gonna go ahead with it, pimping the comm out as we speak.

Name: Patricia
Previously stamped as: Twilight Sparkle

5 Positive adjectives about yourself: Creative, quick-witted, affectionate, eager to please, loyal.
5 Negative adjectives about yourself: Overeager, anxious, too realistic, I go in too many directions at once sometimes, gullible.
What are your strengths? I'm very creative and love trying out new artistic projects and cooking, even if the cooking doesn't always end well. I'm very sweet and always willing to help friends or family.
What are your weaknesses? A little slow on the uptake, well-intentioned but it doesn't always end well, I overthink things a lot. I can be really gullible and naive.
What’s something (or things) that you’re passionate about? Arts and literacy, especially in schools. I think that kids should all have access to a good art room, a good band room, a library with books from before 1980.
Got any special talents? I'm good at replicating projects I see on Pinterest! Haha. I can bake, but I can't really cook meals.
Where is your favorite place to be? With friends or family. I'm really starting to enjoy spending time with my sister (she's much younger than me so she's finally starting to come into her own and "be a person" at 13).

Inside or outside? Inside.
Brave or safe? Safe unless I need to be brave.
Familiar or exotic? Familiar.
Serious or fun? Fun.
Mature or immature? Mature but sometimes I get a little "too" mature and it ends up biting me - I'm more immature than I act! Haha.
Traditional or modern? Ehhh ... modern I guess.
Praise/Gentle Advice for Improvement or The Hard Truth/Constructive Criticism? Praise.

Arrange each group into the order of greatest to least importance to you (or what appeals to you the most to what appeals to you the least, if you’d rather think of it that way):

Group 1: Family, Friends, Lovers, Career Ooooh. Um. Family, career, friends and lovers are tied.
Group 2: Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty, Magic Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, Honesty, Laughter, Magic. (just because Magic is the least practical/hardest to conceive of in the "real world").

Anything else? Nah. :)
Jay: Kindnesstangerinefox on July 27th, 2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
This was tricky, but I think Sweetie Belle suits your creative and kind nature, as well as your thoughtfulness and how eager you are in your projects.