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18 April 2012 @ 08:43 pm
Stamped: Cheerilee & Applejack - Secondary Characters Theme  
Draggle ;)

Previously stamped as:
Mane Six: Applejack (after getting votes for EVERY ONE of the mane six)
Background Part 1: Cheerilee

5 Positive adjectives about yourself:
Adventurous, effervescent, loving, maternal, warm

5 Negative adjectives about yourself:
Annoying, ditzy, depression-prone, insecure, worrisome

What are your strengths?
Looooooove. No, really, that's my main strength. It's a weakness, too. I love my family and friends, and I can survive better than I give myself credit for.

What are your weaknesses?
Crippling insecurity and anxiety. I'm friendly and upbeat, but there's a side of me that is messed-up for life.

What’s something (or things) that you’re passionate about?
Raising happy, healthy, confident children into happy, healthy, confident adults!

Got any special talents?
Being a mommy, basically, and spreading joy and comfort.

Where is your favorite place to be?
Well, I'd love to go camping or go on a cruise soon, but that isn't going to happen.

Inside or outside?
Outside. Was inside when younger, but I just appreciate being alive so much that outside is better for me.

Brave or safe?
Safe like the coward I am.

Familiar or exotic?
Either and I think I'm neither myself.

Serious or fun?

Mature or immature?

Traditional or modern?

Praise/Gentle Advice for Improvement or The Hard Truth/Constructive Criticism?
The former, the former, the former! I usually don't have the heart to dole out the latter!

Arrange each group into the order of greatest to least importance to you (or what appeals to you the most to what appeals to you the least, if you’d rather think of it that way):

Group 1: Family, Friends, Lovers, Career
Family (children and husband), friends, career

I don't have a career right now anyway. :p I'd like to start a special education Montessori-based school on a farm someday in the near future, but I'm a SAHW/M right now.

Group 2: Honesty, Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty, Magic
Kindness, Loyalty, Generosity, Laughter, Honesty, Magic

But the first five run together, in my opinion.

Anything else?
My username is after Draggle from G1 My Little Pony. I'm like her, but over a quarter of a century older now. Hence icon.

Please link to three applications you have voted on, you won’t be stamped until you do this! (If there are no unstamped applications you can leave this blank.)

No more that I can see.
Derpdreiliveatgoodwill on April 21st, 2012 02:07 am (UTC)
I'll say Princess Celestia, mostly because I see her as the ultimate maternal figure in the show-- you love your family very much and want the very best for them, just like Celestia wants for her subjects.
Patriciabookishgeek on May 13th, 2012 11:33 pm (UTC)
princess celestia for sure!
kaitydid33087: Pinkie Piekaitydid33087 on June 20th, 2012 10:02 pm (UTC)
I agree with the Princess Celestia votes.